One of the ways to make a video popular on YouTube is to bring it to the TOP for targeted queries in Google, YouTube and Yandex searches. Let’s figure out how to optimize video pages and drive organic traffic to them.


YouTube videos find viewers in several ways. The most reliable is subscribers, an audience that is waiting for the next video to be released. Traffic also comes from recommended videos, which include videos with good behavioral indicators: the number and time of viewing, the level of engagement and loyalty of the audience, etc. The next source is links on sites, on social networks and on YouTube, ads from bloggers. It is these traffic channels that are most often focused on when promoting videos. If you just started with youtube chanel you can use  with service 10k instagram followers for $10.


But there is one more traffic channel – search engines (first of all, YouTube, Google and Yandex). With the right approach, you can achieve a steady flow of viewers from here. This is relevant for narrow-topic and young channels that have not yet managed to form a large community. Moreover, there is no need to bear special costs.

Naturally, in order to attract traffic from search, you need to occupy good positions on the main queries. Ideally, the video should be displayed in the TOP 3 or at least TOP 6 of the video block of organic search engine results.


How to make YouTube videos popular

The position is influenced by the video click-through rate, the volume of the incoming link mass, likes, reposts and other factors. However, all of these factors do not work well without relevant keywords in different parts of the video page.

This article will discuss the role of keywords in the growth of YouTube video positions, how to collect them correctly, how to enter them.


Why collect semantics for YouTube videos

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) for sites, first of all, they mean working out the semantic core: keywords and phrases by which users search for information in search engines. When posting videos on YouTube, they are often forgotten or simply not aware of their importance.

From a search engine perspective, a YouTube video page is no different from a page on any other site. The more authoritative and relevant it is to the query, the higher its position. Key phrases placed on the video page help determine relevance.

Is it possible to make videos without keywords? Yes. And that’s what most video creators do. That is why the selection of semantics can become that “superpower” that will make your videos more competitive and bring them to the top faster.

If you already have ready-made videos, collect keywords for them and distribute them on the page. But it’s better to collect the semantics before creating the video. This will give you a structured view of what users are interested in, what videos and topics to shoot.

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